A special day at MB Conveyors with SpeedUp Team’s riders

Some very special guests at MB Conveyors: yesterday Fermín Aldeguer and Alonso López of SpeedUp Team dropped by our factory and spent some time with us, visiting our premises and getting to know our employees – a very fond fanbase of the incredible Moto2 team we have been proudly sponsoring for more than 10 years!
The two Spanish riders, together with Luca Boscoscuro, visited our production facilities in Brogliano, Italy, learning about how our machines are made, but most of all about MB Conveyors’ team, the real engine behind our success!

Conveyors sanitization

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 emergency, MB Conveyors has commited to taking every measure to ensure health and safety of all its employees, customers, partners and collaborators.
For this purpose, we equipped ourselves with a special sanitizing device, spraying a 70% alcohol solution, which quickly allows to sanitize our products, including packaging transport documents.